Double Good is a gourmet popcorn company that's created a super simple, online fundraising platform that allows kids/families to quickly raise money to cover travel expenses.

To start raising money, you download the Double Good app, create a pop-up store within seconds, and then share that out to friends and families through email, social media and text.

Supporters purchase gourmet popcorn through the pop up store which is then delivered direct to their doorstep.


The participant never touches any product or paperwork associated with the fundraiser and will receive 50% of what they sell back through a direct deposit to their bank account.


The pop up store will run for 4 days and after it closes, you can request the funds through the app which are received via direct deposit within in a week.


You’ll be able to re-open your store at any time after your store closes to raise more money.

Here is a the link that has been created for Victory for any of your customers that may be interested in learning more about Double Good: