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What is 'Stay to Play' or a 'Housing Requirement'?

The Stay to Play program requires athletes who participate in certain events that are designated by the tournament management as “stay to play” to book their hotel accommodations through the event’s contracted housing company in order for the athlete to participate in the tournament. By using a housing company, the team is able to establish room blocks — a certain amount of rooms that are put aside for their use only, thus ensuring athletes and parents have the first shot at making reservations at their desired hotel(s). Stay to Play also saves the team money. Our purchasing power allows us to secure the best hotels and accommodations at the lowest rates for the tournament dates.  


​Why is this tournament ‘Stay to Play’?

Here are SOME of the benefits of Stay to Play and how they affect you as coaches and parents! 
The event producer is able to prove the economic impact they bring to the city.


As an event producer, the first step to ensuring a successful event year after year is showing a host city that you are a good partner. With a Stay to Play tournament, all room nights are able to be tracked and reported to the city, proving the tournament's economic impact via hotel stays as well as restaurant and attraction traffic. 

Why should this matter to coaches and parents?

There are a number of reasons this could affect you as a parent or coach, if the rooms are not tracked properly. Here are a few:

  1. Event Dates
    To secure the premier event dates for multiple years in the prime venue, the event producer has to prove that they are bringing enough people to the city to guarantee the economic impact for these dates for future years. For example, 'ABC' competition has taken place over a specific weekend for years and IS NOT Stay to Play. 'XYZ' tournament now wants to book their event over the same weekend at the same convention center and IS Stay to Play. Because 'XYZ' tournament can prove the number of attendees they will have traveling and can guarantee the number of rooms to be sold, they will get priority over the dates, causing 'ABC' to lose the weekend they have had for years.  This could bump the event to a less desirable weekend for everyone. Events and tournaments are not only affected by other SPORTS groups but all other conventions, meetings and conferences, too! 

  2. The Schedule
    'ABC' competition has booked the entire convention center for several years, but IS NOT a Stay to Play event. Now 'XYZ' convention is coming to the city the same weekend, and the city decides to give them two of the halls in the convention center. Since 'ABC' cannot prove their economic impact to the city, they get bumped. 'ABC' has now lost two of their six halls, meaning they are no longer able to have a hall that is only used for awards. So, the awards now have to be worked into the competition halls, forcing a much longer schedule. Because of this, the event now has a schedule that begins at 7am and ends at 11pm, instead of beginning at 9am and ending by 9pm.This can be a VERY long day for both athletes and parents. 

  3. The City is YOURS!
    The reporting that comes along with Stay to Play events allows event producers to prove that they are covering the entire city. This keeps the local visitor's bureaus from trying to pull in additional events and conventions during the same time, which translates to larger hotel blocks, more availability in restaurants and local attractions and discounts created just for you!

  4. More rooms for tournament participants.
    A hotel is far more willing to set aside a block of rooms for a tournament – even at a group rate – if they know the tournament isStay to Play and can provide records of the pickup from previous years. Because of Stay to Play policies, hotels are more confident that the rooms will be sold. When hotels are more confident that the rooms will be sold, they are much more likely to contract larger blocks at the most desirable properties. In addition, we are able to work with all hotels to make sure their rates are in line with one another and appropriate for the location and time of year for the event.

  5. Guaranteed room types.
    The room rate contracted GUARANTEES the room type you reserve. You will not book a double room and arrive to find that only king rooms are available.

  6. There is a higher likelihood that your team/program will be able to stay in the same hotel.
    With larger blocks, there is a much better chance that we will be able to keep your group together, which in turn allows coaches the ability to hold team meetings or to contact individual team members or parents more easily.

  7. It provides consistent, affordable group rates for everyone participating.
    Hotel rates in general have increased since 2013 (according
    to www.statista.com). From year to year, a Stay to Play event will see hotel rates increase at approximately 50% the normal percentage increase. TTS contracts room blocks at confirmed, non-variable rates. There will be no movement in room rates based on supply and demand, regardless if you book several months in advance or much closer to the needed dates, as long as you do book in the contracted room blocks. The consumer is GUARANTEED THE LOWEST POSSIBLE GROUP RATE over the event dates.


What does this mean?

The hotel has guaranteed that we will have the best possible rate over the event dates for the specific room types that we have contracted — and TTS does fight to get you the absolute lowest rate possible.


So what do you do if you do find a lower rate available?

First, review the room type and amenities. Hotels will occasionally run a flash sale for a limited number of rooms, but these are typically different room types than what we are offering.

  • Things to consider:

    • Is the lower rate for the exact same room type that you currently have booked?

    • Is the lower rate for the exact same dates that you currently have booked?

    • Does the lower rate have the same amenities offered, like free breakfast that we may be including and they may not?

    • Is the lower rate non-refundable? Are you required to pay for the room at the time of booking?

In the event that you do find the room type offered is EXACTLY THE SAME as what TTS is offering, please contact Team Travel Source immediately at info@teamtravelsource.com or 502-354-9103 so that we can look into the issue.


What would happen if Stay to Play went away?

If housing companies and Stay to Play were removed from the equation, hotels would be able to bid one program against another and room rates could skyrocket. Programs would likely also be required to sign for attrition when setting up their own group blocks, meaning they are guaranteeing the sale of a specific number of rooms. In the event that these rooms are not sold, the program is responsible for paying the difference. It would be like the "Hunger Games" in that all programs would be competing against each other for the best hotels and the best rates, going up against ALL of the other programs attending the event, and there is only so much to go around.  This would also take up a LOT of time for the club contact to deal with housing when they should be focused on preparing for competition. 


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